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Controller Extension for Playstation Classic Cable (2 Pack) - 3 Meters (10 feet) Extender Compatible with PS Classic Mini Console by EVORETRO

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Retail Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $13.95*

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Move Back and Get a Better ViewDon't let yourself be limited of the short controller cables that are included with the PlayStation Classic and be sure you get these wonderful controller extensions! These high quality extension cables will give you an... more details  

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
By: Square Enix
Release Date: Dec. 2, 2008

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Retail Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $17.50*

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KINGDOM HEARTS Re Chain of Memories is the essential piece that bridges the gap between KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II. A full 3D remake of the original Game Boy Advance release (2004), it was released in Japan in 2007 as part of the KINGDOM HEARTS... more details  

Power Cord for the Saturn and the Original Models of PlayStation 1 and PS2
By: Tenext

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Retail Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99*

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Use only for North American version of the original model of the PlayStation 1 & 2 and Sega Saturn. This power cord does NOT fit on the later redesigned smaller models known as the PSOne nor the PS2 Slim with the flip-top lid cover. Will not fit any versions... more details  

Playstation 2 Power and AV Cables Bundle Combo Set for the Sony PS2 Playstation FAT Console (Bulk Packaging) - TBGS

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Retail Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $10.95*

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New A/V Audio Video and AC Power Cord Set for Playstation 2 PS2 system. FAT Console PS2... more details  

2 PS2 Controllers / 2 Playstation 2 Memory Cards
By: Castlelake Products

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Retail Price: $39.49
Sale Price: $39.49*

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Full set of PS2 Controllers and memory cards! Easy to hook up as a replacement, or to save your game. Includes 2 controllers, 2 Memory Cards. Its everything you need to play all night long! Press start and head back to the past.... more details  

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
By: Atari (Games)

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Retail Price: Unavailable
Sale Price: $499.99*

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Includes game disc, original case, and original manual. Disc is clean and tested but may have minor scratches that do not affect game play. Case may have small scuffs from age and use. All ClassicGameStore games are fully tested before being added to... more details  

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - PlayStation 2
By: Atlus
Release Date: Apr. 5, 2005

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Retail Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.99*
Save $7.00 Today!

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Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner takes console role-playing games to an all new level of storytelling and drama, said Yu Namba, Project Leader at Atlus. The gritty sci-fi world is brought to life with breathtaking cel-shaded graphics and a battle system... more details  

Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal - PlayStation 2
By: Sony

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Retail Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $49.43*

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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal takes players back to planet Veldin for a gripping new adventure! A robot named Dr. Nefarious is trying to destroy all organic life in the galaxy. Ratchet and Clank get Captain Qwark to form his legendary Q-Force, and... more details  

Replacement Play Station 2 Slim Console ONLY - NO Wires or Controllers - Tested and Guranteed Working Black Gaming System
By: Play Station

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Retail Price: Unavailable
Sale Price: View Price
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Replacement PS2 SLIM Console ONLY! (No Wires Or Controllers.) This is for those who have a PS2 Console stop working and need to buy the Gaming System Only, since you have the other Accessories. This PlayStation 2 Console has been Cleaned and Tested to... more details  

Saloke Wireless Gaming Controller for Ps2 Double Shock (Black and 1Blue)
By: Saloke

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Retail Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $23.99*

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Introduction: Supports DUAL SHOCK games with two different motors and two different vibration effects. Supports digital and analog controlled games. One direction key with 8 correctly controlling directions and 8 independent control keys. ... more details  

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